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Sonya Matthews – Mindset Mentor



Sonya Matthews thrives on helping people get what they want. She does this using thoughtful coaching skills and a natural problem-solving ability, as well as delivering education and insights to assist people towards their goals. Driven by wanting to leave the world a better place, Sonya infuses her approach with empathy and encouragement, to enable people to feel good about themselves as they grow and develop.

Because she knows people who feel whole and empowered and know their purpose can live a fulfilled life and contribute positively to the world, Sonya has committed to living her purpose of delivering mindset and performance coaching.

Sonya has a deep-down conviction that one of the most powerful ways to help people is to share with them the mind-body connection and how to master it for health, happiness and success.

Having overcome crippling life-long anxiety and an unhealthy relationship with alcohol (to deal with the anxiety!) means Sonya is in a powerful position to help people through similar struggles.


Over many years in various roles, Sonya has become an expert in listening-to-understand and questioning-to-clarify the needs and wants of the people she serves. Coming from a background of professional engineering gives Sonya strong analytical skills and a great ability to weigh up options and evaluate possible outcomes to assist people with the hurdles they face.

Sonya specialises in coaching ambitious women who want to identify and break through blockages that are hindering them. There is little that inspires and fulfils Sonya more than to help someone with a transformation into the more joyful and successful achiever they have longed to be.

Whether the change you are seeking is to achieve greater health and happiness by conquering unhelpful habits and damaging self-image and self-talk, or to achieve a successful digital business, Sonya Matthews is ideally positioned to help.


A devoted and loving mum of 3 sons and happily married wife of 28 years, Sonya started her professional life as a Mechanical Engineer in the civilian arm of the Australian Defence Organisation! Additional technical studies, overseas qualifications and international work experienced over time eventually “morphed” into an intrigue with and talent in Digital Marketing.

Over the past 12 years, Sonya has developed expertise in online business and internet marketing. Having run her boutique digital marketing agency now for almost 5 years, she loves working with local business operators. Helping small businesses get found in search results and successfully grow their client list and revenue is enormously fulfilling.

Sonya loves loooong walks (longest to date is the 55km Oxfam Trailwalker in 2019) and has the Portuguese Camino and Japanese Nakasendo Trail on her ‘bucket list’. In addition to a love of pretty things like antique teacups, dresses and property, Sonya has a collection of 4 cats (some of them antique), 2 dogs (1 an antique, the other a complete crazy) and 9 chickens on the small acreage her family lives on in the Western suburbs of Brisbane.
Of all the twists and turns Sonya’s career has taken to date, the common thread that has driven her – is the love of people.

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