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Love Being You Workshop

Getting the Upper Hand on Confidence, Happiness and Personal Success

(7 Week Live Online Course – Taking Enrolments Now)

Are you wondering what has happened to your life?

  • Do you wake up dreading the day – panicking, even?
  • Do you rush around all day, being super-busy, but never seem to get done what you wanted to?
  • Do you resort to television, shopping, Facebook, wine, naughty foods and other distractions, just to ‘dull the pain’?
  • Do you sometimes ask yourself ‘how did I end up here?’
  • Do you always feel tired and worn out?
  • Do you look at other people and wonder how they seem to have it all together?
  • Do you long for greater success in your business, for a profitable sideline, or to a way to escape the 9-5 but just don’t know how to go about it?
Then, this workshop is for you. Join us for an experience in focusing on the most important person in your life – YOU. You’ll learn more about yourself on this course than you ever knew.


  • You will have discovered what is robbing you of happiness and the three simple practices you can adopt to claim it back
  • Learnings of how to defeat the thieving procrastination parasite
  • You will be armed with the techniques successful people use to start the day with vibrant headspace Knowledge of what to do to enjoy each and every day more
  • Recognition of how to release the grasp stress has on you
  • The skills to dissolve anxiety so it reduces its’ grip on you and no longer rules your life
  • The confidence to go after what you want in life
Participating in this course sets you on your path to greater mental clarity, inner calm, contentment, confidence, success and happiness for the future.


  • Downloadable Handouts & Templates to fully benefit from the Live Online Classes
  • 7 Weekly Live Webinars 45 – 60 min classes plus Q&A time
    [Dates: Tuesday 28 April, 5, 12, 19, 26 May, 2 & 9 June 2020]
  • Action Plan preparation during Online Class time
  • Follow Up 30minute One-to-One Phone Call. This is your opportunity to ask questions, identify any blockages, clarify what you have learned and share your progress. Offer of Leading-edge online Mini-Class (“Getting the Mental Edge”) for powerful & effective follow up