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Determined Women

Finishing School for WomenIf you are a woman determined not to settle for mediocrity in your life, then I can relate to how you feel!  I decided a long time ago that I wanted to achieve all I could in life, only I didn’t know everything I needed to know to do that, back then!

As women, we are capable of so much and do so much – and quite often, we achieve an awful lot!  My question is, though, do we know why have chosen to do it?  The reason I ask this, is until recently, this was me.  I was busy, striving, achieving.. and also stressed and anxious and unfulfilled.

Life Changing

It took a rather interesting series of events in my life to see exactly what was going on, and work out how to change it.  And, to cut a very long story short, the lessons, experiences and research that I went through on my journey have brought me to a point where I have found my true purpose in life.

And that is to help women – who aren’t exactly where they want to be in life – to identify what they want, and work out how to get there.  As a mindset mentor and coach, I facilitate that process, and love and support them along the way.  I bring together my lifetime of skills, education, experience, training, struggles, achievements, and pair them with wisdom, compassion, empathy and mindset coaching expertise, to assist determined women.

Life Roles

Many of us want success in business, career, love & relationships, health, parenting and happiness.  These areas are all inter-related and naturally, improvements in one area can flow on into the others.  Hence, why working on our mindset and life outlook is such a powerful undertaking!

If you are a woman striving for more in life, but unsure how to get there, do be in contact for a Virtual Cuppa with me and we’ll see if perhaps I can help!