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Group Can Help You Get Past The Online ‘Technical’ & ‘How To’ Issues That Are Holding You Back – So You Can Now Move Forward in Your Online Business!

Whether you are:

30 years old – 50 years old – or 70 years +

there are ARE

Opportunities for you Online.


Opportunities to make some Pocket Money  Opportunities to make a healthy Side Income – Opportunities to make significant Streams of Revenue, Valuable Online Assets, a Desirable Lifestyle and a Legacy to leave for your loved ones.


How Do I Help?  I help you by…

Taking the Trepidation Out of The Technology & Tactics of Being a Female Entrepreneur in an Online World

But it’s lonely to go it alone.

And there’s ‘stuff’ you don’t know.

And different people tell you different things.

And everyone is trying to sell you something.

What Do You Do?

Who Do You Trust?

How Do You Sort the Charlatans from the Professionals?

Join my Free Private Facebook Group to meet and interact with other proactive, ambitious & intelligent female entrepreneurs.

Benefits Include:

  • Guidance around online business strategy so you can avoid expensive mistakes

  • Assistance with problem solving so you can continue on your entrepreneurial path and not get ‘stuck’

  • Insight into the psychology of marketing so you will be better able to assess whether an online opportunity is right for you

  • We will be unpacking the technical jargon so you’re not bamboozled or ‘taken for a ride’

  • You can have your online business questions answered so you are not held back in your progress.


Big Claim?
Maybe! But if I don’t know the answer, chances are I’ll know someone who does!

Who Am I?

I’m Sonya Matthews, a professional mechanical engineer turned digital marketing expert and online entrepreneur.

Over the past 12 years I have developed expertise in online business and internet marketing. I’ve run a boutique digital marketing agency now for almost 6 years, and I love working with local business operators. Helping small businesses get found in search results and successfully grow their client list and revenue is enormously fulfilling.

If it’s an online business opportunity we’re talking about – you name it – I’ve probably tried it! I’ve done every course, tried every opportunity, worked with all types of coaches and mentors (or so it seems!) and I’ve had success and made money on pretty much everything I’ve tried.

Yet, along the way I’ve learned that without the finely balanced combination of our ideal (vehicle) business, an appropriate coach/mentor, an insightful understanding of who we are ourselves and a vivid sense of purpose, true fulfilment and achievement of our own measure of success can be elusive.

I help women get what they want with strategic coaching in online business and mentoring to maximise clarity, confidence and personal success.

Let me Help Take the Trepidation Out of The Technology & Tactics of Being a Female Entrepreneur in an Online World

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