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Skills for Life

Finishing School BrisbaneAs a mother of three amazing young people, I am very tuned in to how they conduct themselves and the choices they make, as most mothers will be!  And, I take on board that I (and their father!) are primarily responsible for guiding them in those areas.  I’m a great fan of good etiquette and deportment and do try to enforce good table manners and ‘please and thank you’, you will be pleased to know!  However, a happy and successful life is about so much more than how the outside world sees us.  Just as it is about so much more than our academic performance.

Growth Mindset

Our exterior appearance and conduct is one thing, and equally, if not even more important is our mindset and “inner health”.  Our thoughts and emotions are so very powerful, yet we are not routinely taught how they work.  We learn the times table and what year Captain Cook landed in Australia, yet we generally have no grounding in how our brain works and how to manage emotions in a healthy way.

Now is the Time

With the increased pace of life and enormous amount of information in our environment, due to digital communications, we’re under more pressure than ever.  The human body was never designed to operate in such an environment!  Typically, our brains and bodies react to events due to our physiology, but the reactions aren’t always able to process and ‘stand down’ when the event has moved on.  Hence, we live in a perpetual state of bombardment.  This is bad enough for adults, who become overwhelmed and tired and stressed.  Think, then, to young people in their teens and early twenties, who often have no perspective when dealing with stress and anxiety, competition and comparisons.

Acquiring skills for life that include a strong mindset, a healthy perspective of our world and our place in it, is an important focus for me as a Mindset Mentor.  If you would like to discuss how the young people in your life could benefit from a mindset mentor to coach them in a healthy outlook on life, as well as practical and powerful coping mechanisms, do connect with me for a Virtual Cuppa HERE.