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Small Business

Small Business CoachFor the past four and a half years I have been serving small businesses in the Brisbane and South East Queensland region with my boutique digital marketing agency, A Better Website.  My goal has been to help small business owners to have a great digital set up (website, social media, email marketing and so on) to market their business and attract leads.  I’ve always had a great interest in business – particularly small business – and so this is enormously rewarding for me.

The Business Owner

There are two things I have realised in the time I’ve been running my business.  One is that no matter how well I can help the business owner with their digital assets and lead generation, if the business owner does not have their mindset and thought and actions clear in their minds, then there is only so far the business can go.  Secondly, I’ve discovered that whilst I say I love business – it’s actually people that I love!  In fact, I have to say that looking back on my career, and all the different twists and turns it’s taken, that although at times I didn’t like my jobs, I did love the people.  I can tell you their names, what fun we got up to, who liked going where for lunch and when their birthday was.  But I can’t tell you many details about the work I was doing.

Small Business Coach

Combining my experience with running my own businesses (offline and online), assisting others with their businesses, and many years of working in Australia and internationally for small, medium and large organisations (both Government and privately owned) I am ideally positioned to coach small business owners with their mindset, focus and implementation.  With particular interest and success in digital marketing, this is small business coaching for today.

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